circumstantial apocalypse talk (or, theme from “Dystopia, Today!”)

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 circumstantial apocalypse talk (or, theme from “Dystopia, Today!”) 


nobody really knew it would come to this; I didn’t, You didn’t – 

the dumbest version of dystopia possible. Boring, predictable,

mute, especially understated – so surprising, in that way.

So much less to do with evil masterminds, than careless ones,

who showcase incompetence in flair for opportunity, display

the vagrant future about us in festive manners, forget

to pave the roads for the all the lost children, leave

the sinkholes to the elders and special ones, don’t think

of those who don’t ask for this, only see, respond – 

react, react, react. Adapt, maintain, repeat until sleep – 

until the murder rate is through the roof again,

bridges fall to the ground, and ancient forests burn.

Islands made of molten glass and plastic, like whole visions,

turned into dust; in a bunker, I play house music to cope.

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