resolve (or, closed figure-eight)

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resolve (or, closed figure-eight)


some knots are challenged to loosen,

some unravel with willful ease. such is life. 

the utilitarian – the artist – cannot avoid the hobby,

is drawn to it, like the craft of tying knots 

illustrated in books, or turned over in the palm.


my favorite is the closed figure-eight,

used to tie a boat, or sail, to a cleat,

keeping vessels from preternatural drift,

sails from a desire to follow the wind,

yet with talent for release at slight gesture,

a flash from the whim of the wrist.


an elegant design more than a knot, 

a simple function superceding a simple form – 

a graceful procedure, identical from each side,

forwards, backwards, and upside-down.


this, that bound me to the study of rope,

fastened my focus on patterns, not tangles, 

led me to the true purpose of a line – 

not what is meant to be on the end of it, 

but how well it will hold. 

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